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We live in an age of plenty, with many brands and many choices to be made. At SodaStream we want to help you make the right choice, for yourself and for your family. Health and wellness has always been high on our agenda and we don’t just talk about it. We have a large range of better-for-you flavours that will suit different diets, nutritional habits and tastes. When it comes to soda we think differently:

We’re not store bought soda

We’re the better-for-you choice

Syrup Nutritional table ( per 100ml ready to drink)

Classics Crafted Cola 90kJ 5g 5.4g 4mg
Classics Diet Cola 1kJ 0g 0g 7mg
Classics Tonic 92kJ 5g 4.7g 0mg
Classics Cream Soda 87kJ 5g 5.2g 13mg
Classics Ginger Beer 92kJ 5g 5.3g 0mg
Xstream Energy 85kJ 5g 5g 17mg
Plus Orange 67kJ 4g 4g 14mg
Plus Cranberry 69kJ 4g 4.2g 2mg
Sensations Orange Mangue 72kJ 4g 4.1g 0mg
Sensations Kiwi Pear 72kJ 4g 4.2g 0mg
Sensations Red Apple 74kJ 4g 4.3g 0mg
Sensations strawberry 73kJ 4g 4.2g 0mg
Sensations Raspberry 75kJ 4g 4.3g 0mg
Sensations Lemonade 70kJ 4g 4.1g 0mg
Sensations Summer Lemon 68kJ 4g 4g 4mg
Sensations Pink Grapefruit 76kJ 4g 4.4g 0mg
Sensations Ice Tea Peach 65.6kJ 3.9g 3.9g 8.7mg
Zero Orange Mangue 6kJ 0g 0g 3mg
Zero Lemonade 3kJ 0g 0g 9mg
Zero Pink Grapefruit 5kJ 0g 0.1g 4mg
Zero Lime 6kJ 0g 0g 7mg
Zero Cranberry Raspberry 3kJ 0g 0g 6mg
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