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Why should I buy a home soda maker?

Coffee lovers enjoy fresh brewed coffee at home using their coffee makers. Now, soda lovers can enjoy delicious, freshly-made soda at home using a SodaStream home soda maker! People buy soda makers for many reasons. Some of the most popular benefits include:

  • Quick, convenient and easy to use
  • Fresh, delicious soda in seconds
  • No more lugging heavy, bulky bottles and cans from the store
  • No more storing cases of soda
  • No more worries about running out of your favourite soft drinks
  • Over 20 great-tasting flavours, including regular, diet and caffeine-free options
  • Regular flavours have much less sugar, carbs and sodium than store-bought brands
  • Reusable BPA-free bottles and concentrated sodamix cut down on recyclables and disposables, making an environmentally-friendly alternative to store-bought drinks
  • No batteries, electricity or plumbing (excluding the Revolution machine)
  • Reliable and friendly service
What will it cost me to make a bottle of soda?

After your initial purchase of a home soda maker package, you’ll enjoy sparkling water in reusable 1-liter PET bottle for just Rs 10 per litre and flavoured sodas you buy in the shops for about Rs 12 per can (340ml).

How do I get ongoing supplies for my home soda maker?

SodaStream soda makers and supplies are offered at these following retail stores:

 ZILO ( Tamarin )
Are SodaStream’s products recyclable?

Yes. Many of SodaStream’s consumable packages are completely recyclable, once they’ve outlived their useful lives. Remember that carbonating bottles are reusable up to 3 years before they need to be replaced, Check with your municipal recycling authority to find out how to recycle your SodaStream items.

Item Recycling Number
Carbonating bottle
   Body 1 (PET)
   Base 5 (Polypropylene)
   Frog (holds base to body) 7 (ABS plastic)
   Cap 7 (ABS plastic)
   Sealing gasket inside cap not recyclable (silicone)
Penguin carafe
   Body Glass
   Cap 7 (ABS plastic)
   Sealing gasket inside cap not recyclable (silicone)
   bottle 1 (PET)
   cap 5 (Polypropylene)
What are SodaStream Caps?

SodaStream Caps are SodaStream’s new patent-pending flavouring system that takes home soda making to the next level. They are flavours designed for single use for a 1 litre bottle, once your 1 Litre PET bottle is carbonated, you can take the cap, and push it down on top of the bottle thus releasing the syrup into the bottle, this may take a few minutes, wait until no more syrup is coming out of the cap then mix and enjoy!

SodaStream Caps single-serve, disposable capsules deliver a simple, fun and user-friendly experience with lifestyle appeal. One SodaStream Cap will flavour one SodaStream carbonating bottle in an instant, resulting in a consistently flavoured sparkling beverage each time.

How can I tell if there is enough fizz in my water?

“Enough” is a very subjective term! One of the great benefits of using a SodaStream soda maker is that you control the level of fizz in your soft drinks. In general, you should press the carbonating button several times until you hear the LOUD BUZZ that indicates carbonation. Keep going until you achieve the level of fizz that you like! Three LOUD BUZZES provide average carbonation. Use one buzz for very light carbonation (good for fruit flavours) or five buzzes for strong carbonation (works well for colas and other dark syrups.)

Can I add anything other than sodamix?

Sodamixflavours have been specially formulated to work with your home soda maker. However, some SodaStream customers like to add fresh fruit juice to their fizzy water instead of sodamix. This is perfectly fine – as long as you try this after the water has been carbonated. Mix it in a glass or pitcher for best results.

Can I carbonate drinks other than water?

No. Only water should be carbonated in the SodaStream home soda maker. You risk damaging your soda maker, not to mention making a big fizzy mess! The money-back guarantee and the warranty are both invalidated if you carbonate any liquid other than water in your soda maker. Stick with plain cold water and adding any one of our fantastic flavours – AFTER the water has been carbonated!

What kind of power source does the home soda maker use?

SodaStream home soda makers operate without batteries, electricity or plumbing, (excluding the revolution machine) making them an energy-efficient home appliance and an ideal accessory to take on the road in your RV or on-board your boat. The carbonation in your soda is purely a result of the compressed gas stored in the SodaStream carbonator.

How much sodamix should I add to a bottle?

One of the best features of making soda at home is that you can control the level of flavour in your soft drinks. In general, use a capful of sodamix for each litre of sparkling water. If you like it sweeter, add more! If you like it less sweet, use less.

Why does the carbonating bottle have an expiration date?

Since the bottle has to withstand recurring pressure from carbonation, it cannot be used forever. The expiration date on the bottle must be checked and new bottles purchased as soon as the former expires. The bottles must also be replaced if put in the dishwasher, exposed to a heat source, or if they have become scratched. All components of carbonating bottles except for the seal inside the cap are recyclable. Check with your local recycling authority for more information

I lost my bottle caps. Can I get replacements or use another one that fits?

You can, but the other bottlecap may not have the special rubber seal that helps keep SodaStream soda so fresh. Please call Customer Support ( 57 55 94 83 ) for replacement caps, or add an extra set — or two!

How do I know if the carbonator is empty?

There are a number of indications that show your carbonator is empty:

  • When you press the carbonating button you will not see any gas going into your bottle of water.
  • Even after repeated presses you don’t reach the ‘buzzing’ sound
  • The carbonating button may stay down
  • The carbonator splutters, showing you have run out of CO2

Please note: SodaStream recommends that you keep a spare carbonator in the cupboard so that when one carbonator runs out, you simply swap the empty carbonator for the full one. That way, you’ll keep enjoying fresh, fizzy drinks and can return the empty carbonator as you order your next gas refill

How often will I have to replace my carbonator?

On average, the carbonator will make 30 or 45 litres of soda, depending on the size you have. This number could be more or less depending on the amount of carbonation used when making your drink. A household of four soda drinkers might need to replace a 60L carbonator every 3-4 months, and a 30-liter carbonator every 6-8 weeks, depending on usage

Is there an exchange/upgrade programme?

Yes there is. If you have a SodaStream machine which is older than two years or longer – you are eligible to exchange your old SodaStream machine and cylinder for a new model at a discounted price! Please contact our customer care for more specifics on the exchange programme in relation to your model of sparkling water maker and gas cylinder

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